Modern, alternative, integrated living that is part social club and part resort-like living,
designed to promote wellbeing, fun, friendships and financial freedom

We provide an integrated & sustainable lifestyle experience that encourages friendship and human connection while treading lightly on the planet’s resources. You'll love the way you live by choosing a home that’s kind to the planet.

Product Design

Aashna Living, Asheville offers three unique styles of residences with flexible leasing options ranging from Private Suites to Stays to Shares. Resident Models: The MiniSugi House. The Be INCLINED Cottage. The Bungalow.

High Quality

Built like a home not a rental. High-end modern finishes and brilliantly designed homes from the inside out. Lifestyle programming and amenities that deliver a resort destination experience. High-quality without the high price tag.

Low Impact

Small scale homes tread lightly on the landscape, while solar energy and generative water systems protect our natural resources and contribute to planetary health.


Sophisticated high level eco-friendly design. We use mindful building materials such as non-toxic and no-off-gassing chemicals, combined with wellness by design principles that include natural light, vegetation, good air quality, living walls, natural textures, mindful acoustics & lighting and nature views will translate into healthier living and happier lives.