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“aashna” | meaning | friendship, beautiful, intelligent, and devoted to love

The way our homes have been built in the last century is reinforcing lifestyles that make us sick, stressed, alienated and unhappy." —Global Wellness Institute.

A lot has changed over the past 100 years.

Fundamental advances in working, eating, traveling, and connecting have transformed what it means to be alive in the 21st century.

Many of us strive to be more socially, economically, and ecologically responsible. Yet when it comes to how and where we live — one could say we're still living in the dark ages.

The problem is that the traditional residential construction model has resulted in a systematically fractured housing landscape and has yet to catch up with modern sustainable technology.

We're over-scheduled and under-paid — disconnected and isolated. We pay too much for homes whose outdated construction doesn't support our wellbeing. Economic restrictions keep many of us from the neighborhoods and locales that are in sync with the way we want to live our lives.

The global health pandemic exaggerated all of this. With more significant reason, people are seeking alternative ways to reduce expenses to live a more sustainable lifestyle and enjoy meaningful experiences with friends and family.

This unexpected disruption blindsided every industry, making the need for an innovative industry shift within the housing market even more important.
More than ever, we need spaces that encourage prosocial behavior, promote a healthy lifestyle with built-in work-from-anywhere capabilities, and access nature and urban amenities.

Aashna communities address this head-on by providing high quality, resource, and budget-friendly residences with programming and activities focused on physical, outdoor, and wellness activities along with connectivity and convenience.

As modern-day eco-conscious individuals, we want more than a place to crash; we desire to be in areas that allow us to live in harmony with our values, nature and our neighbors but generally can't be because the residential ecosystem doesn't support the type of healthy homes and lifestyles we ultimately want.

It is time to redefine "living" responsibly.

A residence that checks off all of our boxes.
A place that is modern and accessibly priced.
A home designed to tread lightly on the landscape,
with built-in social, wellness activities, and community in mind.

A destination situated close to the areas that matter to us.

A home that's better for you and the planet too.

At Aashna Living, everything is designed to upgrade the natural and human ecosystem. — We are democratizing sustainable living because we believe everyone has a right to a home and lifestyle that puts people's wellbeing and the planet first.

Our mission is to build eco-chic wellness lifestyle communities — an innovative residential platform that fosters responsible living, community culture, and financially accessible luxury housing — in great neighborhoods where everyone thrives.

We are creating beautiful, accessible, and sustainable homes for the general population — not just the 1% — part social-club, part resort-like living with all the perks one could want.

Love the Way You Live…
@ Aashna Living